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Body Shops El Paso

“Linking Local Customers to your Digital World”




Why Market Here?

Online Branding

  • Optimize your investments to drive customers along the path to finding your business.
  • Your listing allows you to reach the market with more than just a company listing and contact information. All of these posting options will help increase exposure to your brand  or services.

Navigation Help

Help your business grow with Better Navigation to your:
  • Internet presence, Your website, Social or other listings online.
  • Location – Directions with Google Maps.

Locate your Body Shop


  • Direct link to your website.
  • Direct link to a Qualified  Person as designated by your company.
  • A tab connected to a phone number, that you can make go straight to your department of  choice. Not just the front desk.
  • We can make this go to any page or link in your website…doesn’t have to go to the Home page only, we can modify anytime.

“Linking Local Customers to your Digital World”

A solutions that every business needs…at prices you can get started now.


Increased online exposure increases your chances of getting more leads, calls and customers. We make it convenient and affordable to increase your online exposure. Consumers are faced with more choices than ever before and it’s imperative to have a strong presence across all local search platforms. This strategies to deliver your message and make it easier for your customers to find you no matter where they are searching. Our advertising solutions are designed to eliminate wasteful spending and maximize your reach.

  • BOOST – Your business exposure
  • CONSISENT – We ensure consistent & up to date profiles.
  • DEVELOP – Your Brand Image
  • MORE BUSINESS – More Exposure + More opportunity

To Keep Your Customers, Keep It Simple…and Mobile!

We Make Your Listing Work Everywhere.

Step into a more connected future.

Get more LEADS by giving your customers the Simple Experience & Get your Inbox Going!

With your logo displayed here, this site give a customer a simple way to search for a Body Shop. We then make your logo website link go directly to your company information. Simply put we display your logo as an eye catching business link on our a page that makes your business truly stand out in this competitive market. We then give them an opportunity to connect with your personnel with a contact form, also a direct phone number to your qualified person. We also give them directions to you location, we even integrate your website with this search function.  In order to provide them the feedback necessary to conclude their search. 

Here is list of features that our Package gives you.
  • Direct Search per web-link: Our goal is to be your customers online solution for fixing their vehicles. Our site is designed to give more control to the customers search of a body shop by making it easier than ever before. Let us make your business more efficient, by having your services found easier. Plus, we customize each link to feed you information where you want.. not just to the old info email.
  • No Setup Fee: Always making it affordable.
  • User Friendly: Easy to navigate and find the information that the digital customer is looking for in today’s ever moving technology world.
  • Google Analytics Integration: Easily track the performance of your links and see who is going to your site, all with great exposure.
  • The “Where shall I buy moment”, and how they are going to find or reach you.

Let's Work Together

Payment Info:

Monthly Cost of Body Shop Directory $250.00 (Includes Google My Business)

There is no commitment or contract. There is no minimum monthly period. You can cancel at any time.

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express for monthly and yearly plans. Monthly plans are billed monthly until service is cancelled. There is no minimum monthly service period.  


Request a Google virtual tour of your business. Over a billion people use Google every day. To decide where to eat, where to shop, where to play, and where to stay. Now, when they search for you — what you sell, or the services you provide. They’ll see an immersive, interactive virtual tour of YOUR business on Google Maps & search. Setting you apart from the competition, building confidence, and engaging them at the exact moment they’re looking for a place to go!